Friday, July 7, 2017

My view (review) on SRIDEVI MOM!

MOM - I have been lucky to have watched on the first day of the Private Screenings as the First Audience (before the media and others saw) to watch on big screen with co producer Sunil Manchanda and his family friends.
As I watched the movie, I was so shocked and first thing, I did was - sent this long message to Boney Kapoor on whatsapp

Dear Boneyji;

Sirrr.. Hatts off!!!
Firstly to you - for making this film. This is indeed your best gift to Srideviji and all her fans. I vouch for it.
This has been Sriji's most difficult performance of her career. She goes through so much agony, pain, stress and suffering too - for the sake of her daughter, and talk about it, step-daughter. It looked so real - that a real Mom feels for her daughter.
Being her ardent No.1 fan in this universe, I have always been her fan and no one else's. And my fondness for her is just worship. She is someone whom I have always looked up into acting. And everyone knows it too. My admiration towards Sriji is just pure as a die hard devotee for the Goddess Sridevi.
And from this very moment, I would proudly address her as SRI MOM.
Maybe thats why I have not called anyone MOM till now. As I address my mother as Maa and my mother-in-law as Mummy. This one was reserved for Sridevi. Truly!
She was always referred to as Actress with wonderful facial expressions. But I would say with MOM - she is the epitome of Expressions.
The expressions of pain and nervousness with that of suffering and cry.
She is the Queen of Expressions.
And my only prayer (Im very religious and I have full faith on my Mother Mary - The MOM of everyone) will pray that the film does wonders at the box office and Sridevi take home all the love of the audience, appreciation from the critics and juries give her all the marks and the orgnaisers give her awards for the coming year.
Thank you not once twice thrice, but umpteen times for this gift - Mom!
For the first time, I am seeing Sridevi cry so much. And that made me cry too. Many a places, I shed tears and got goosebumps. Infact Sridevi's character was that of a female Kamal Hassan. Because its Kamal Hassan's style of punishing the culprits. Like he used to do in some films Indian and Appu Raja. But that ends the comparison. This being unique, different and very fresh and Sridevi did it in her style (thanks to the screenplay writers)
Akshaye Khanna on screen performance looked like he is in the set of an Abbas Mustan film - his way of talk and style reminded me of his films those of Abbas Mustan thrillers.
Nawazuddin brought light humor and audience will love it.
Sajal Ali is your best discovery as the daughter. She could be compared to Alia. But again, no comparisons - Sajal was so perfect to the role. She too deserves a big round of applause.
Adnan reminded me of Kabir Bedi. Adnan's performance was very dignified.
The transgender sequence and the jail molestation sequence (only through the dialogues) may go well with the LGBT community and that will get the crowd in too.
The biggest highlight scene which me and every other Sridevi fan, besides a person watching the film - will cry is the Hospital scene when Sriji breaks down - her crying when she holds her tummy - signifies a mother's utmost pain. Although not her biological daughter but she showed that she loved, cared for her the most. The dialogue in the film says; Hume use samjane ki nahi, humein use samajne ki zaroorat hai.
Its too touching seeing Sridevi cry - looked very real and a real performance for me does not deserve a standing ovation but a bow done to her. Hail Sridevi MOM!
She actually didnt act, she did it for real.
And I would love to hand over a Best Award to her - The Rajeshwari Ayappan Award. An award in the name of her Mom!
And yes, Ravi needs to be given a pat on his back for making this slick stylish presentation of an intense and interesting screenplay. For his first time he may be considered for award too! Debutante and he has a bright chance of taking home the award!
Rahman's BG score is the one keeping you edged on seats.
There ended the whatsapp message and Boneyji gave a thumbs up to me and a broad smile icon.
Well in between this lengthy conversation, we also spoke on phone.
I could go on and on with my appreciation and praises for Sridevi and MOM.
What I then did is got to tweeter as I felt I should express more and I did for real as I got a dream and it visioned as:
Sridevi won a National Award for MOM. And this award dream came to me early in the morning. And as people say, early morning visions are for real and they do come true. As for me, my visions and dreams have always come true. Do I actually have to say and prove, that my dream of working with Srideviji came true. Not directly but indirectly though. Being working for Boney Kapoor Productions, doing some promotional activity, compiling Sridevi's 300 films list, making diary of her movies, and a little musical presentation of her career for Zee Studios, shuffling between Boneyji's production and the Studio of Zee... and in the midst of it, meeting the entire cast and crew and also watching Sridevi giving interviews live in front of my eyes... Now isnt this a dream come true
SO, while these dreams have become for real, its no doubt that she will take away all the awards and the nominations should not be shocked if their names are not called upon, its guaranteed for a SRIDEVI AWARDS next year and the presitigious NATIONAL AWARDS too!
Also, Sridevi has to be applauded 300 times for this wonderful performance in MOM. 300 because each clap for each of her movies she did from her first Thunaivan at the age of 4, that leading to her 300th film MOM. And Im happy that I have compiled it all and given it to them. The list of 299 films (300th being MOM) and this list is nowhere available in Wikipedia or IMDB, but with only Malanipedia (the Sridevi Encylopedia)
Till then, lets keep praising, applauding, appreciating and enjoying the success of our Sridevi Mom!
This is my way of Reviewing MOM
Sundeep Malani
Malani Talkies

Friday, December 2, 2011


The Film is surely gonna be a D(HIrT)Y PICTURE!

The film starts with a Ooh..Aah.. and ends up in the couch with a bigger ouch! It then moves on to Ooh. La..Laa and at the end of the film one can say Voila! The film is definitely a DHIrTy Picture! Sexcellent and Outstanding! Yes, the film deserves to get a Standing Ovation and lots of applauds and all the awards for Vidya Balan in the season of awards to follow.

Mind It! Whoever had criticized right from the beginning of this films start that Vidya was a bad and a wrong choice to play the sensuous Silk on screen, take back your words as I truly say, No other actress would have done justice to the character of Silk. And today, Silk from above, would be a happy soul to see that a film on her life is portrayed and is received with dignity and respect.

If one even try not to accept it, I certify this that: The film is a truly inspired by Silk Smitha’s life! No doubts about it!

Although its rated as a Dirty Picture, with a little bit of sensuous, erotic and sexual scenes thrown in the film (which is the main essence of this concept), the film truly is a Masterpiece and one of the best films of 2011.

The sets of Madras (not Chennai) in 1980's is brilliant with the entire scenario being Tamil film posters, Magazines and Hoardings. The costumes, the jewellery and the props (tamil magazines, telephones, condoms, cigarettes) all reminds you of being in Madras. Even the smallest of smallest characters are all South Indian with lungis and half sarees. Except for the Hit Tamil Song Nakka Mukka repeatedly in the film, there is Not even a Single Tamil dialogue in this Hindi film, which actually can easily be taken as a South Indian Film.

The film deserves a special mention for the witty and excellent dialogues. One will smile throughout and even laugh out loud at the dialogues. It’s too good and penned with lots of creativity. If the film brought a lot of smile on my face it also got down tears down my cheeks too! Not to forget, some front benchers watching the film in B & C grade centers would go Wettt in their Lungies too! (Lots of such Punch line and dialogues in the film are clap worthy).

The Performance of the 3 men who lust, love and hate Silk got their best tailor made role for their career and with frame 1 to frame - The End its Vidya Vidya and Vidya entertaining the audience from 16 to 60 - Class and Mass audience, irrespective of guys, girls and the other sex too! (Let me add here: Its Woman Power as the multiplex was with 60:40 audiences - the Woman being on the higher ratio)

Finally, as the tag line goes: Films run on 3 things: Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment and Hats off to Ekta Kapoor, Milan Lutharia and Vidya Balan for Entertaining with a 2 hours 25 minutes long Sexcessful (I mean Successful film)
As a South Indian, I would say: Sooooper Hittt Picture Machcha!!! - Highly Recommended. Watch it and get the Poora Paisa Vasool!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

(Oops.. I ended up giving a Clean Review to this Dirty Picture and yes, it deserves 5/5 Stars)

Friday, October 28, 2011


Here are some of my Views on RA.ONE
I hope you like it and take it very easy!

RA.One boasts of A One special effects but Zero content! - No Soul in the film, and its all hurriedly done with half baked screenplay and not the way SRK films are. Good in parts only!

Well... the film will do well coz kids will love it - 3D experience and more over the graphix. But, an adult - will yawn! Rajnikants cameo will raise claps aloud continously for those 2 minutes, resulting in not even making one understand the dialogues.. such is an impact of Rajnikanth in a Shah Rukh Khan film

Songs come from nowhere abruptly and no details given why a Villain ( came out from the video game, How? - many questions unanswered, and looks because of an abrupt ending - there is a possiblity of a sequel.. 

The opening scene of the film is a total LET DOWN... Lol... Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra - do NOT IMPRESS

The only thing one would like to see is the GORGEOUS KAREENA KAPOOR

*  My VERDICT: Frankly speaking RA.One means (RAjnikanth the Only ONE). Thats it, besides this SRK, Kareena, The little boy, Sanju Baba, Priyanka Chopra and the main villain Arjun Expressionless Ramphal are all just caricatures in the film. No one gets any applause but only Yawn! Its only when RAJNI comes for a Scene - Its all WHISTLES, APPLAUSE, NOISE and SMILES on your face.

Rajinikanth's one-scene cameo as 'Chitti' garners more applause than Shah Rukh wins in the whole film! Besides, Ra.One is nowhere near to Rajni's ROBOT. For all those who want to see Ra.One - its definitely only a ONE time watch. I bet, second time if given a chance, One will easily give it a Miss :)

What a Comparison: TARAN ADARSH gives 4.5 Stars for RA.ONE, KOMAL NAHTA gives 3.5 and RAJA SEN gives 1.5 Stars. Well, ask me: I would give it just ONE star and that is not as a Reviewer, but to say there is only ONE Star in the Film to save the 2.5 hours film and that is RAJANIKANTH. He is no doubt the Only ONE. RA(jnikanth).ONE :)

RA.One's RA.VIEW is BAD and WORSE everywhere. Except for the few CRITICS who get paid to write, the rest (audience) just loved 2 things in the film: The Graphix and RA.jnikanth!

RA.One hasn't WON my heart.. I hope this is not the same with DON TOO (2). What DIWALI could not get sparkled, maybe XMAS can do the Magic!

The fate of Shah Rukh Khan's RA.ONE is somewhere closer to Abhishek Bachchan's RAAVAN. Also, there was an old film with the title RAVAN, that didnt do well, which implies that The Evil is Always an EVIL!

RA.One is a video game that can be played on a PSP/I Phone or your Laptop at home. Dont have to go to a Multiplex to watch it and waste your time and money too!

Didn't the Railway Authorities tell SRK that: GAADI KE CHATH PE YAATRA KARNA JAANLEVA HO SAKTA HAI :)

I still prefer Abhi - Ash's super flop RAAVAN than this video game RA.ONE :)

I still cant figure out that the 'child' in the film Ra.One was a boy or a girl? :P

BREAKING NEWS: RA.ONE to be telecast next week on SAHARA.ONE and repeat telecast in STAR.ONE :)

Dont the makers know the fact that the name LUCIFER means Devil. Lucifer is the King of Devil and having it named for a Kid (who is an innocent) - besides G.1 is supposed to be an Farishta (Angel) to protect LUCIFER.. Lol.. This is a Biggest Joke! Infact, LUCIFER and RAAVAN come under same category!

How can SRK make fun of South Indians? Its ridiculous. No South Indian (Tamilian) for real will ever have curds in noodles. Its sick! (Thats making fun) and secondly, no one will pronounce KONJUM KONJUM as CONDOM CONDOM (thats actually sick)

Kareena cant speak a single word of Tamil in the movie but ends up singing 6 lines of perfect TAMIL in Chammak Challo :) Lolz

Havent seen any South Indian doing a karwa chauth! First time ever, saw it in Ra.ONE !

RA.ONE is STRICTLY meant only for CHILDREN below 15 Yrs. My son Silver Malaniis 14 yrs and he just loved the film! Its CERTIFIED:)

And Finally,

Seeing all such comments .. .RA.One is threatening to Kill Me :)

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

Friday, February 18, 2011

Film Review: 7 KHOON MAAF

Piggy CHOP'S her 7 Hubbies as she celebrates Weddings and Funerals!

Woman Power continues this year after Rani and Vidya got Justice for KILLER JESSICA, here Priyanka does Justice in Killing her Husbands! And before you frame her for Murder, Think Twice! Or rather Thrice.. Oops Seven Times!

Its the story of SAATHALI (like, Draupadi got tagged Panchali)... There has been no lady in the history so far who has had the liberty to marry, remarry and be a widow 7 times. Voila! Bride Priyanka goes 'I do' and 'Khabool Hai' as its 'Shaadi Mubarak' for her. These Marriages Are NOT made in Heaven, for sure! As I have to put it, definitely not in HISTORY and Piggy got this wonderful opportunity to exhibit her body to 7 Men, young and old, Indian and Russian men and hence, the only Indian Woman in the History of Cinema to have 7 costars opposite her. Its another Feather in her cap, after she playing 12 Star Signs in WHATS YOUR RASHEE.. Here, Priyanka (playing a single role but varies from her teenage to old age - thus having 7 shades to her colorful character)

The Husbands (Niel Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, Irffan Khan, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Annu Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah and Vivan Shah) BED with her and then they are DEAD! RED! BLOOD! but not galore! Oops.. this is not RGV's Blood Story (read, Raktha Charitra)! As it was Blood with Violence, Vishal's film is Blood with Violins! An opera style a la, Bhansali Films! Like Vishal's canvas here is with the Anglo-Indian generals, candle-lit Victorian interiors, grandeur weddings, soulful funerals and rustic churches.

Coming back to KHOON, its unbelievable that a Catholic Girl gets a chance to marry 3 Christian Men, 2 Muslim Men and 2 Hindu Men. No Bishop or Pope will ever give such permission anywhere! But, its Vishal Bharadwaj (the Pope) who grants wedding to Suzanna whose 7 Husbands are: Major Edwin Rodrigues, Jimmy Stetson, Wasiullah Khan, Nicolai Vronsky, Keemat Lal, Dr. Modhusudon Tarafdar and Arun. One by one, the SEVEN go to HEAVEN (or rather HELL) as our 'Darrrrlingggg' gives them Freedom from life and grants Death to them unwillingly! Its Death with Style that she gets to SLEEP and then SWEEP them away! Its Love, Sex and Dhoka that goes with further ingredients of Lust, Poison, Vengeance, Doubt, Thrills, Chills and Kills! Piggy gets to Chop everyone, but before you say to her: MURDERER! Wait! As her 7 Killings are Validated. Point to be Noted and re-thought about.

Well, if such is the case of a wife killing her selfish, womanizer, molester and a doubtful husband - then no doubt, Indian women will use Priyanka Chopra as their role model who have suffered from their husbands and may take such bold step! And before someone does that: Statutory Warning: This is a film with fiction and nothing to be considered original!

Hence, watch it for Priyanka Chopra's Award Winning Performance and the Dark Shade Comedy Thriller!

Final Verdict: Go for it, as its Priyanka on the Kill! As for Box office Verdict: Who cares?

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

Friday, February 11, 2011


Its Balle Balle time for PATIALA HOUSE! that will go HOUSE-FULL!!!

Howzatt? Punjabi... Balle Balle... Super Hit Dance and Its Super Hit Sixer!!! Bat and Balle's ... Chachaji, Mausiji, Beeji and the entire Yash Raj/Rajshree Family Members assemble from Punjab in United States for this Hindi Punjabi film PATIALA HOUSE. Gattu loves cricket, papa hates it. Rich traditional values and Mom's the word. Papa Dont Preach as Beta respects Pa. As the life goes on, its about Second Chance. Its Punjabi Khudi (the new fresh wave - Baajaa Baarat Ladki) who encourages and supports Akki to play Cricket and win the game and the heart of the stone hear ted Rishi too! All ends well with Winning the Trophy at the stadium and the trophy from the Big Fat Punjabi Family. A Family Get together at the end for a Big Size Family Photograph. Wonder, what is Bobby doing here. Well She is the Darling of Rishi. Hence she is Bobby Darling and playing Ma in law in real life, she is Ma in reel life. Lucky Mascot, Anushka might have given some fresh waves to Akki - that actually this film is worth a watch than the recent Akki starrers. And speaking about it, Nikhil Advani gets a Thumbs up after his Thumbs down for Salaam E Ishq, CC to China. In one word, the film has hit the Bulls eye and (after Yamla Pagla Deewana) looks like more Punjabi Subjects are a Welcome to Bollywood in Hollywood (as the film is set in UK)... a NRI film!

Its More of emotions than comedy in this film that will definitely bring down tears and finally applauds at the stadium scene. With sixers over balls and final overs, the film can be declared a Sure Fire Hit. Finally, Akki can tell that its a HOUSEFULL for his HOUSE (this time PATIALA) and not a nonsense Sajid Khan flick!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

Friday, January 28, 2011


Film Toh KACCHA hai Ji - This BACHCHA is very amateurish and immature!

Aajkal Ke Bacche bi na... Well, we all know that the Kids today are more like Adults. And the Adults here in Bhandarkar's films are like Kids. The way their love life goes. Stubborn, Greedy and Innocent! Anything is possible in love, after all the heart is a kid! Madhur, you and your actors need to actually grow up! And, I am not kiddin'

A rose is a rose is a rose. And if its a bud, it could go dud, when you propose a girl who you love and also assume that she has the same feeling towards you with the way she behaves. Bhandarkar who made hard hitting realistic films from Bar to Signals, from Corporate to Fashion Shows and ended up in Jail, all this got a Page 3 mileage, but yeh Film Toh Bilkul Bachpana Hai Ji! These Trishakti, has no power at all! Although its a light hearted movie from serious filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, It looks amateurish, kiddish (not the way the title relates), Half baked, incomplete film! And if this is what one expects from a National Award Winner, then... sorry, Yeh Film KACHCHA Hai Ji (Very Raw) and Nothing to rave about ACHCHA ya BACHCHA (child like).

And think of it, this BACCHA got an A Certificate Merit from the Censors! Its SEX that Talks in this film! All the Male Counterparts are 'Shaukeen' mizaaz! (The elderly men Ashok Kumar, Utpal Dutt and A.K. Hangal are replaced by not so elderly men Ajay Devgan, Emran Hashmi and Omi Vaidya)

A divorcee, a Casanova and a Virgin stay under a roof and get their love life going. In the process they end up at a disco, bed and a Radio Station with their female costars who play an Intern in his office, A elderly married woman plus her loud step daughter and a Radio Jockey who aims at becoming an actress. The Men fantasies them and have their dreams with them, while the Females have their own dreams and aims and the Men whose heart is like a child goes Bingo! Three Cheers to this Not so Lovable - Love Story!

If Devgan can do comedy at his BEST with Golmaal series and here and there (Athithi, Toonpur), then - YEH FILM TOH KACCHA HAI JI (as his comedy is very raw, nothing to smile upon). Omi Vaidya talks and behaves more or less like a IDIOT in this film too and the Casanova Hashmi gets to do what he is best at! Kiss and Bed with females galore! Shruti Hassan who appears more or less like a special appearance should actually take tips from her great father before she does anything else in celluloid! Shahzan and Shradha are just not promising! The finale with some stars appearing on screen does not even bring smile to your face too!

Overall as the film is about unrequited love, heartbreaks, and renewed hopes, all I can say is the Love is not mortal, heart does not break for the characters and have no hopes with the film to get any awards!

And advice to Madhur: Please make films that are Real and Shocking as that is your forte! Comedy Genre Aapko Suit Nahi Kartha Hai Ji!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

Friday, January 21, 2011


DHOBI GHAT is an Intellectual Cinema. But... .

Please NOTE the following while you go to watch DHOBI GHAT:

* Its a out and out Kiran Rao film, who happens to be the intellectual Mrs. Aamir Khan.
* Kiran Rao herself being an Assistant Director earlier is making her debut with this Indian Documentary film.
* Its NOT a Bollywoodish film.
* Do not expect a romantic song, an action scene or a comedy in the film!
* No magic from Aamir Khan (Definitely not going to deserve a award for his performance)
* Aamir Khan is more like a character with minimal scope.
* With or without Aamir Khan, the film does not make any difference.
* Pratiek Babbar reminds you of all his mother (Smita Patil)'s arty films.
* Slumdog Millionaire once again? Yes.. with the way, the films narrative is. But not the way it is portrayed! But, Slumdog wooed the audience, Dhobi will boo... by the audience!
* And lastly, do not expect a Break, as you walk in to the theater to watch the film and walk out, only you realize, that its not Interval but The End.

There’s Munna (Prateik Babbar), a handsome young laundry boy (dhobi) who collects, washes and delivers clothes for middle class Mumbaites like Arun (Aamir Khan), a lauded artist whose oil paintings are no way as haunting as the mysterious package he finds in his new apartment. Then there’s Shai (Monica Dogra), an affluent American born investment banker on a sabbatical in Mumbai who meets and quickly becomes fascinated by Arun after spending the night with him. Finally there’s Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra) a newly married housewife who films an innocent video diary for her brother while sitting at home and yearning for her elusive husband. And most important is Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. It witnesses everything by giving shelter to the 4 characters and leading their journey through longing, loneliness, love and loss.

Having said all this: Its a intellectual film, but...only for those who love to give a stand ovation, applaud, get itself categorized as Critics Film and being labeled as ART Cinema. It doesn't try to thrill, titillate or shock; it is rather like a mellow, low-pitched and laid-back reading of a set of diaries.

P.S: As the film is about a DHOBI (Laundry), it also is a film that can be a Yawn-dry for some! Yes, Yawn and very Dry too! Well, for many who look forward to watch a Aamir Khan film, it can be also a GHATiya film, because what they expect, they do not get! Not a sensitive performance, nor a romantic hero or a action one nor a comic act which is Aamir Khan stamp (Taare, Idiots, Ghajini, Lagaan).

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic